Nonprofit Marketing Online (or NMO) is a resource run by me, Ricardo Ibarra, to teach you proven strategies for marketing your nonprofit organization so you can focus on what you know best—your mission.

Who is Ricardo Ibarra?

I’m a lifelong learner in my early thirties who took a chance and created a new career path.

I graduated from college in 2008 with a degree in pre-med biology. And if that year strikes an ominous chord with you, I’m sure you can guess what happened next. My fellow graduates were losing their internships in Seattle’s coveted biotech sector because the economy was in a tailspin. No one was hiring.

This could’ve been a terrible time for me, but I was able to turn things around with one of my hobbies...

I went out on a limb and started offering graphic design services to friends and family. I created Plan B that ultimately changed my life. 

How Nonprofit Marketing Online began

The first few years were rough, but I persevered and started building a regular client roster for my business. Some of my very first clients were nonprofits thanks to my passion for volunteering.

As my consultancy has grown, I've had the pleasure of working with companies large and small. 

But I always felt that my impact was greatest when I was helping nonprofit organizations pursue their missions.

I know that nonprofits face unique challenges and limitations—especially time and money—when it comes to marketing. There’s tons of generic marketing advice online, but very little of it is designed to meet the needs of nonprofit organizations. 

This is where Nonprofit Marketing Online fits in.

It’s my goal to provide resources, advice, and strategies that help you share your story, grow your audience, and fulfill your mission. Whether you’re a brand-new executive director or a seasoned communications professional, I want you to have the tools you need to be successful.


Why I do what I do

I believe that service is at the heart of our nature,
and that it brings out the very best in all of us. 

When we give of ourselves—our time, talents, and treasure—we connect to something greater; and together we can do the impossible. 


As you get to know me, you’ll also learn that:

I love music!

I led my high school’s wind ensemble, I play the clarinet and piano, and I love attending live jazz and classical performances

I love food, wine, and coffee

I’m a regular at some of Seattle’s best coffee shops (aka my “second office”), my friends have an open invitation to dinner at my place, and I firmly believe it’s always happy hour somewhere! 

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